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client: Sporting Goods E-commerce Case Study

How ‘leaving it to the experts’ generated a 10.3 ROI for this thriving sporting business.

Services: Google Ads

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635.62% Revenue Increase
180.54% Decreased Average Cost
86.43% Increased Conversion
"I thought he had a very good understanding of what he was talking about, albeit very complex. So, I just thought he'd be worth having a chat to."
Managing Directer and Owner @ Sporting company
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client: Pure Peony Case Study

Pure Peony is an online store selling Natural and organic skincare and hair products to treat sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

Services: Google Ads & Social Ads

Full Case Study
Decreased Avg. Cost
Increased Conversion Value
Increased ROAS
"When we spoke to James, he reckons he could get somewhere between four and five for us, and we've heard this before; we'll wait and see what happens. But pretty quickly, he was achieving that for us within the sort of first two months."

The Compilator started working with Pure Peony in March 2022. By May, their ROI peaked at 6.18 and has since consistently achieved around 5- 5.5.
They've since had success with Google shopping (stats), and James has guided them on what level of investment is warranted and eased them into this lucrative platform.

"I'd say that we've got 100% confidence."
Client: Dot Kettle, Co-Founder @ Pure Peony
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client: Genesis Health and Fitness

Genesis are a leading gym in Australia commencing as a Health and Fitness Club in Ringwood, Victoria in 1997 offering health and fitness classes, Genesis has now developed into one of Australia’s premier fitness organisations, bringing to life real fitness communities.

Service: Google Ads

Full Case Study
367% increased revenue
1000 conversions per month
90% reduction in cost per lead
Client: Matt King, Digital Marketing Project Manger @ Genesis Health and Fitness
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client: GO Markets

GO Markets was established in Australia in 2006 as a provider of online CFD. For over a decade, as the industry and clients’ expectations kept evolving, they have positioned themselves firmly as a trusted and leading Australian regulated broker.

Services: Google Ads, Social Ads

Full Case Study
$119k+ increased revenue
956 conversions per month
200% reduction in cost per lead
Client: Yaazdee Jaunbocus, Global Head of Operation @ GO Markets
Full Case Study

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