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The Compilator are self professed gadget-geeks who spin your digital ideas and transform them into high performing digital compilations.

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who we are

We are not the machos who takes selfies in the gym. Nor are we the Wall Street bankers who know you by the size of your wallet. We are the guys who trade online during the summer break and in the rain, enhancing profitability in all marketing streams. We eat in front of our monitors and take breaks only when sitting begins to hurt. We compose music in our spare hours and will always be on the receiving end of your calls. The Compilator are self-professed gadget-geeks who spin your digital ideas and transform them into high performing digital compilations.

Specialising in consulting services and paid media (Google Ads, Social Media & Programmatic Media) to improve your customer’s experience get in touch today to find out how we can help.

how do we do it?

We assist clients in meeting business goals by first understanding their business objectives, target audience and creating engaging strategies.

WHY a simple question that forms the foundation of your strategy. We aim to translate the love you have for your business to your audience. Implementation is putting these ideas into action.

There is no strategy without gaining a deep and intuitive understanding of the actual users or targets of a product or service. It sounds obvious, but it is a forgotten truth to many.

Users care about achieving their goals, meeting their needs, easing their pain points. Understanding the complexity of your customers’ needs is an ongoing challenge and embracing that complexity is key to defining a memorable product and overall experience.

A good persona is useful to brainstorm and prioritize features, drive scenarios, evaluate and test design, and ultimately forms a strong project foundation.

We have identified your ‘WHY’ your consumer profile and their demand,

We provide your a detailed marketing plan to sign off, and focus then on timeline and delivery.

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