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Recently our CEO sat down with Marketing Magazine to talk about the possible of a world without Google with the current tensions between Google and the Australian Government.

If Google was to pack up and leave Australia, business would take a massive hit with some potentially having to close their doors completely. However, there are ways in which organisations can pivot into other areas to maintain their profit margins

Google and the Australian government are currently at odds due to the government’s new policy, which was clearly written by someone who has no idea how search engines work

Companies would need to migrate across to Microsoft Ads (formerly Bings Ads) or utilise social media more aggressively. This is fine for larger brands who have an extensive marketing budget and agencies to assist them but for smaller brands without budget or assistance, this could be asking too much.

Both parties should sit down and work out a compromise, such as allow them to decide if they want to be served within the Google sphere. This solution would affect both parties’ bottom line Google through having less content to serve to the public and place ads on and publishers from a reduced amount of traffic through to their properties.

Google leaving our shores could result in a cascading effect that no one wants to go through, especially after last year.

Marketing Mag- February 4th 2021

You can read the full article here

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