How ‘leaving it to the experts’ generated a 10.3 ROI for this thriving sporting business.


The Client:

A family-owned sporting facility manager, our client runs six centres nationally and sells sporting goods online. They currently employ 70+ people.

Target market: 

  • Sports players, mainly those at a higher level.
  • Families and parents of Junior players.

This multifaceted business expands into eCommerce.

Being a part of local sporting events and community involvement has always generated organic activity for their business. However, as it did for many businesses, the Pandemic necessitated a stronger focus on online sales and generating leads.

Our client launched their eCommerce site 4-5 years ago and needed to make the most of their digital advertising budget.

DIYing the AdWords campaign leads to frustration.

They employed an agency to set up their Google AdWords account. After a promising start, the level of service ‘dropped significantly’ and change after change in personnel saw their progress stall.

A decision was made to take the reins and see if they could manage things in house. The areas that prompted some head scratching? The introduction of Google Analytics 4, collecting the right data and understanding how the performance max campaigns work.

But building and optimising an effective campaign takes some expertise.

Our client struggled with a limited understanding of the platform and a sinking feeling that he was wasting time and money. In his words “we ended up being in the same position that we were in when we first started… I thought, it’s best to leave it to the experts.”

Our client sorts through misleading claims to find the right agency. 

He was ready to hand the account over and began searching for a digital agency he could trust.

He was reluctant to go with a flashy agency that may not have been able to back up its presentation with skill and experience. It was a struggle to determine if the person he spoke with would be the same person responsible for the work. Not to mention being presented with outrageous fees.

When James presented at a trade show, our client liked what he heard. His popular seminar on creating paid ad campaigns across multiple platforms gave the audience detailed guidance on growing revenue through each channel. It impressed our client enough to approach him.

“I thought he had a very good understanding of what he was talking about, albeit very complex. So, I just thought he’d be worth having a chat to.”

Later the same day, he accepted James’s fee proposal.

The Compilator strengthens those paid ads to capitalise on every dollar.

James then tidied up the existing Ad Words account with an extensive audit and analysis. The campaign was expanded to cover the full range of retail items and optimised to increase sales. Ongoing reviews and systemised maintenance of the account keep it on target to make the most of every dollar.

Letting the results speak for themselves.

Weekly meetings reassure our client that his account is a high priority at The Compilator. If he doesn’t always get as much chit-chat as he’d prefer, James’s analytical approach certainly leads to a productive relationship.


Our client sees a tremendous revenue surge with this effective campaign, resulting in the following:

Revenue-1.44 million (635.62% increase)

ROI- 10.3

COST- 140K

Conversion- 9960 (86.43% increase)


Are you wasting money on Google Ads? Let’s see how we can grow your revenue. Yes, I want an obligation free consultation.

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