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A new market, a 618% ROI and a vote of 100% confidence. One client’s story.

The Client: Purepeony®

• Purepeony offers niche products that harness the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of peony root.
• The star ingredient is grown organically at their farm near Nelson, New Zealand.
• Dot and Georgia are excited to share the healing power of peony root with sufferers of eczema and other skin conditions.
Their natural soaps and creams present a gentler alternative or complement to steroid treatments.
Learn more @ www.purepeony.com


With the help of appearances on local N.Z. television shows such as Country Calendar, Georgia and Dot were able to clear their first major hurdle- educating people about the use of peony root for eczema. The medicinal properties of the plant were well-established in many traditional therapies and this exposure helped introduce the concept to the mainstream public of New Zealand. The next step would be introducing the products to an Australian market.

Having grown a local client base and established distribution throughout N.Z., the pandemic prompted them to focus on online sales.


• Find those potential Australian customers and tap into a larger market
• To ‘be where their customers are’, connecting with them across multiple digital platforms.
• To consolidate Social Media, Google search and AdWords into one coherent strategy.
• Increase online sales and maximise ROI


– CTR .83% (.31% increase)
– Impressions 4.86M (215K increase)
– ROI $5.31 per $1.33 avg CPC
– Conv. Value 284K (208K increase)

“It seems to us that James knows which levers to pull and when… he’s got a really good understanding of the data.”

The Challenge.

“With Covid, with a lot of pharmacies shutting down and just doing prescription medication, the whole distribution model and pharmacy didn’t work well for us. The key thing for us with the Australian market was just to try and see if we could grow a customer base that didn’t know anything about our story.”

Struggling to reconcile differing ROI reports and managing advertising across different platforms was a time-consuming headache. Dot and Georgia found it hard to “compare apples with apples” and figure out what to adjust or where to invest more in their advertising.

Rather than juggling Google AdWords and Social Media advertising without being able to gauge the impact of their campaign, they wanted someone to take control and assist them in making decisions based on expert analysis.

Previous agencies had focused on the creative, not what they “rudimentarily call the algorithm …we couldn’t work in that space. Our understanding is pretty basic.”
Google shopping seemed like a good investment, but what should they spend? Where was the cap?

They felt burdened by digital marketing issues and ineffectual advice. “In the past, we’ve often been fed information about ‘oh, this is why that didn’t work, and this is why we can’t get this to do this’…. I’m really in the game of solutions, and I don’t really want to hear the problems.”

The Solution.

A referral from a trusted source, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, gave Georgia and Dot the confidence to contact The Compilator.

After an initial Zoom meeting, they were impressed with James’s focus and agreed to a three-month trial to see if he could deliver on his promises. It was important for them to partner with people they felt shared the same values and genuine understanding of what they were trying to achieve. A professional relationship where the results speak for themselves.

James wasted no time putting their plan into action. “He’s very succinct, is great to deal with, ….and there’ll be action points, and he’ll be doing those during the meeting.”


“When we spoke to James, he reckons he could get somewhere between four and five for us, and we’ve heard this before; we’ll wait and see what happens. But pretty quickly, he was achieving that for us within the sort of first two months.”

The Compilator started working with Pure Peony in March 2022. By May, their ROI peaked at 6.18 and has since consistently achieved around 5- 5.5.
They’ve since had success with Google shopping (stats), and James has guided them on what level of investment is warranted and eased them into this lucrative platform.

Working with The Compilator alleviated decision-making stress with practical solutions and measurable results. “I don’t think James has ever come to us with a problem.”

With more and more orders coming in, Dot and Georgia are now free to focus on other aspects of the business, such as new product development. They have peace of mind knowing that their promotion and engagement are in good hands and their marketing spend is well invested with The Compilator.

“I’d say that we’ve got 100% confidence.”

How Purepeony® sums up their experience with The Compilator:

– Very reasonably priced service
– Succinct
– Very responsive
– Impressive results
– Solution driven
– Focussed

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